Centrum Analiz Ekonomicznych

Junior Research Fellowships

Junior Research Fellowships (JRFs)

CenEA invites applications for CenEA Junior Research Fellowships (JRFs).

The JRFs offer research opportunities in applied microeconomics to young Polish researchers who are close to finishing their PhD degree or have received their PhD at most a year prior to application.

The JRFs are granted for the duration of one year (can be extended for one additional year) and cover costs of research visits to CenEA, international conferences and other selected research expenses.
To apply candidates should send their CV, description of their current research and a motivation letter (all in English) to admin@cenea.org.pl.


Current JRFs:

Paweł Bukowski, Central European University (since May 2015)

Krzysztof Kalisiak, Northwestern University (since December 2016)