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News: PIT increases through freezing - governmental plan for 2015-2017

wykrespressCenEA’s Press Release published today (25.04.2014) presents the degree of tax increases in Poland resulting from nominal freezing of the parameters of the PIT system planned by the Polish government for years 2015-2017. 

wykrespressCenEA’s Press Release presents consequences of the policy of nominal freezing of the parameters of the Polish Personal Income Tax system which has been planned by the Polish government for next three years. Since the last major tax reform which was implemented in January 2009 such policy resulted in substantial increases in the level of taxes. Over the period of 2009-2014 household incomes fell as a result of this policy by about 3,9 bn PLN annually. The proposed further freezing of the parameters for years 2015-2017 will reduce household incomes by 4,8 bn PLN per year.

The Press Release (in Polish) is available on CenEA's Press Centre page. 

Calculations of the consequences of the analysed policy plans for Polish households by income decile can be found here .

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