Centre for Economic Analysis

SIMPL: Polish Microsimulation Model

simpl_logoSIMPL is a microsimulation model developed for Poland.

The prototype model based on teh Polish Household Budgets’ Survey data (2003) was developed in 2005/06 in an international project for three Polish Ministries: Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, and Ministry of Economy. The core team who built the model consisted of Olivier Bargain, Leszek Morawski, Michal Myck and Mieczyslaw Socha. The project was administered at the Department of Economics of the University of Warsaw.

Further development of SIMPL which included extending its functionality and scope as well as applying it on more recent data was possible thanks to funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) in a programme entitled: “Micro-simulation model as an instrument for assessment of labour market policy”. This project was conducted for the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

Since then CenEA's researchers have been further developing and regularly updating the model. The SIMPL model has become our key analytical resource and the basis for a substantial part of our research and policy anlysis. 


What is a microsimulation model?