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WIEM Conference

[Call for papers for WIEM 2016]

The Warsaw International Economic Meeting (WIEM) is an annual conference covering all areas of economic theory and applied economics. The first edition of the conference took place in 2006. It is traditionally organised at the beginning of July. The conference language is English.

The 2016 edition of the conference will take place from June 28 - June 30 and will be organised by the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw with CenEA as a partner institution.

For more about the conference see the conference webpage


The 2016 edition of the WIEM conference will be preceded by the Ce2 workshop organised jointly by CenEA and CeMMAP on 27-28 June.


In 2012 CenEA initiated the "Keynote Lecture Series in Honour of Leonid Hurwicz". We are very proud to announce that the 2016 Hurwicz Lecture
will be given by prof. James J. Heckman (University of Chicago).
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The second keynote lecture of the 2016 WIEM conference will be given by prof. Nicholas Hanley (University of St Andrews).


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