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News: Successful 2016 edition of the Ce2 workshop & Hurwicz Lecture

LOGO_KOLORWith an excellent Hurwicz keynote address by prof. James J. Heckman, on 28th of June we have closed this year's edition of the (Ce)2 Workshop.


(Ce)2 Workshop is a joint initiative of CenEA and CeMMAP since year 2014. The third edition of the workshop brought together 18 presenters and overall 40 participants from Australia, Europe and North America.
More information on the workshop together with some photos can be found here.

On 28th of June special guest of the Workshop prof. James J. Heckman (University of Chicago) delivered the 2016 keynote address in the Lecture Series in Honour of Leonid Hurwicz.

See more on the Keynote Lecture Series in Honour of Leonid Hurwicz.