Centre for Economic Analysis

Labour market

CenEA aims to become a leading center of micro-economic analysis of the labour market in Poland.

Based on an in-depth knowledge of the Polish micro-level datasets and on the continued development of the Polish microsimulation model SIMPL CenEA strives to provide independent analysis of developments in employment, wages and incomes in Poland including the implications of economic policy for labour market behaviour, retirement and household incomes.

Recent analysis of the labour market in Poland including analysis of effects of labour market reforms can be found in the following CenEA publications:

‘Klin'-ing up: effects of Polish tax reforms on those in and on those out

Leszek Morawski, Michał Myck,
CenEA Working Paper 05/09

Multi-family households in a labour supply model: a calibration method with application to Poland

Peter Haan, Michał Myck

CenEA Working Paper 04/09

For more publications and analysis of the Polish labour market see the CenEA Working Papers and Research Notes.