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W terminie od lipca do października 2017 roku CenEA planuje zatrudnienie 4 osób na stanowisku Analityka na okres trzech miesięcy w ramach wsparcia realizacji badań empirycznych opartych o dane z badania "SHARE: 50+ w Europie". Analizy prowadzone będą z wykorzystaniem pakietu STATA. Aplikacje prosimy przesyłać do dnia 11.07.2017 r. 

Więcej informacji dotyczących tej oferty pracy.








Ogłoszenie o naborze Wykonawców - ekspertów do prac analityczno-badawczych przy opracowaniu Raportu pt. "Aktywność zawodowa a jakość życia osób w wieku 50+ w Polsce na podstawie danych z badania SHARE" w oparciu o panelowe dane z badania SHARE w ramach projektu "Wsparcie realizacji badań panelowych osób w wieku 50 lat i więcej w międzynarodowym projekcie Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)" 



iconZałącznik 1 - Wniosek (pdf) docZałącznik 1 - Wniosek (doc)  
iconZałącznik 2 - Opis
iconOdpowiedzi na zapytania
iconWyniki naboru

Szczegóły ogłoszenia 

(Załącznik 1) Wniosek w ramach ogłoszenia o naborze Wykonawców - ekspertów (doc)

(Załącznik 1) Wniosek w ramach ogłoszenia o naborze Wykonawców - ekspertów (pdf)

(Załącznik 2) Szczegółowy opis przedmiotu zamówienia

(data publikacji 31/03/2017)

Odpowiedzi na zapytania do Ogłoszenia (pdf)

(data publikacji 26/04/2017)

Wyniki naboru (pdf)

(data publikacji 23/05/2017)





In 2017 CenEA will recruit one candidate for the Senior Research Economist position - first application deadline: 21.04.2017 

More information on the offer of Senior Research Economist position.




CenEA has an open application process for
 internships with the possibility of full-time employment





All job openings are for positions in the CenEA office in Szczecin.

Work at CenEA offers excellent opportunities for developing your research skills and involves working in an international environment on joint projects with institutes from Germany, the UK and with members of the SITE Network. CenEA will support your development through international workshops, seminars and training. We offer a competitive salary and a stimulating work environment.

Research Economists (RE) and Senior Research Economists (SRE):

Candidates for Research Economists will be in their last year of university master or BA degree, recent graduates and recent PhDs.
Candidates should be fluent in English (Cambridge Advanced level or equivalent) and work experience or studies in English will be an advantage. A university degree (completed or close to completion) and familiarity with computers are necessary requirements. A doctoral degree, academic publications, experience in research and ability to work with large data sets using statistical packages (e.g. SPSS, STATA) will be considered an important advantage. Degrees in economics, statistics and sociology will be given preference but candidates with degrees in other related disciplines will also be considered.

Candidates for Senior Research Economists will ideally have an advanced degree in economics or statistics (Master or PhD) from an internationally respected institution and at least two years of experience in research at international level in a field relevant to CenEA’s research areas.

Successful candidates for both RE and SRE positions will work on CenEA research projects, should have excellent analytical and quantitative skills, should be able to communicate their findings to the academic and non-academic audiences. For non-Polish nationals fluency in Polish will be considered an advantage but is not a necessary requirement. Interested candidates should send their CV and a motivation letter (in English) to: admin@cenea.org.pl.

CenEA is an equal opportunities employer. Applications should include the following statement: "I authorise CenEA to process personal information included in my job application for the needs of the recruitment process (Personnel Protection Act, 29.08.1997, no 133, position 883)."

Junior Research Fellowships (JRFs)

We also invite applications for CenEA Junior Research Fellowships (JRFs). The JRFs offer research opportunities in applied microeconomics to young Polish researchers who are close to finishing their PhD degree or have received their PhD at most a year prior to application. They are granted for the duration of one year (can be extended for one additional year) and cover costs of research visits to CenEA, international conferences and other selected research expenses.

To apply candidates should send their CV, description of their current research and a motivation letter (all in English) to admin@cenea.org.pl.