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News: Pre-election analysis 2011

simpl_logo2 CenEA to present pre-election analysis of reforms implemented during the last two sessions of Parliament in Poland and the main election pledges.

simpl_logoPrior to the 2011 Polish parliamentary elections CenEA will publish two reports focusing on:


- Report Part I: reforms implemented in teh area of personal taxes and benefits between 2006 and 2011.


- Report Part II: main election pledges in the area of taxes and benefits announced in the election campaign 2011.

The analysis is based on the Polish microsimulation model SIMPL. Reports will only be published in Polish but executive summaries will also be available in English.

Contact for media concerning the Reports:

FineArt Communications
Monika Stelmach
mstelmach@fineart-com.pl  tel. +48 698 649 888
Magdalena Żuk
mzuk@fineart-com.pl tel. +48 608 362 996

Press releases:
23-08-2011 - initial results from Report Part I

The project is financed by a Stefan Batory Foundation grant.