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News: Cautious family support

Report CenEA’s Commentary published today (11.06.2012) discusses the consequences of changes in the system of family benefits proposed by the Polish government and compares costs for the public finances and benefits to families of alternative approaches.

ReportCenEA’s Commentary presents consequences of the proposed changes in the system of family benefits which are supposed to be effective from November 2012 and compares them to alternative approaches concerning eligibility thresholds and value of benefits. The proposed values of thresholds will extend eligibility to family benefits by about 250 thousand children (in total to 3.2 mln), and the additional cost to the public finances will be in the range of 940 mln PLN per year.

The Commentary (in Polish) is available here and on CenEA's Opinions and Commentaries page.
For a press release see the Press Centre page.

A press release related to policies implemented in November 2012 is also available in the  Press Centre.

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