Data analysis to support effective evidence-based public policy

We apply the latest academic methods and tools to improve the understanding of consequences of different policy decisions and disseminate our findings broadly through the press and media.

Using our microsimulation model SIMPL, CenEA regularly publishes reports and commentaries on the implications of introduced or hypothetical tax and benefits reforms. These reports include our tax and benefit pre-election analysis, published prior to parliamentary elections in Poland and covering the evaluation of the consequences of different political party manifestos. We are also active in the development of the international microsimulation model EUROMOD and in the dissemination of research conducted using EUROMOD.

Taking advantage of data on population ageing from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) we have published reports on the implications of demographic dynamics in Poland and other countries with regard to health developments, long-term care, poverty and labour market activity.