About us


CenEA, the Centre for Economic Analysis, is an independent non-profit academic research institute aiming to provide rigorous, highest level analysis of the effects of economic and social policy with a focus on Poland. CenEA strives to promote effective evidence-based policy by improving the understanding of the consequences of economic and social policies on individuals, firms and the economy as a whole.

Over the years our research has focused on issues related to labour market dynamics and on the consequences of tax and benefit reforms, as well as on the relationship between health, employment and poverty. We have specialised in the analysis of complex datasets at individual, household and regional level. Our research is disseminated broadly with results published in international academic journals and in a series of online publications, commentaries and policy briefs. We also publicise our findings through national and international press, media and the web.

CenEA is a member of the FREE Network – the Forum for Research on Eastern Europe and Emerging Economies – and plays a leading role in the FROGEE programme, focused on the analysis of the scale and implications of gender inequality in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

CenEA  was established in 2004 by the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, initially as the Warsaw Institute for Socio-Economic Research. The institute changed its name to Centre for Economic Analysis and moved its site to Szczecin in September 2009.

Our office is located in Szczecin’s Technopark at:
ul. Cyfrowa 2, 71-441 Szczecin

Telephone: +48 91 831 4029

Email: admin@cenea.org.pl

KRS: 0000213332  | NIP 1132533171

Contact with the Personal Data Protection Officer in CenEA:
Monika Oczkowska, moczkowska@cenea.org.pl, tel. 91-831-40-29