Economic aspects of social policy: funding and redistribution

On June 14, 2024 CenEA together with the Regional Center for Social Policy organised an international conference under the honorary auspices of the Marshall of West Pomeranian Voivodeship entitled “Economic aspects of social policy: funding and redistribution”.

Conference program

Speakers and panellists: short biographies

Photo by: Jerzy Wójtowicz



Michał Myck (CenEA) “Redistribution in the social policy: taxes, social transfers and public services”

Kateryna Bornukova (European Commission, JRC Sevilla) “Social policy through the European lenses: Fiscal policy support in EU-27 using EUROMOD”

Anna Leszczyłowska (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu) “Taxing corporations”

Michał Myck (CenEA) “Taxing households”

Monika Oczkowska (CenEA) “Social policy in Poland”

Jesper Roine (Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics SITE) “The Scandinavian social policy model”

Anne Boschini (Stockholm University) “Social policy from the perspective of gender inequalities”